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Does the massive gap between what is known and what is mainstream bother anyone else? It bothers me. The field of computing is littered with ideas that are well researched, have working prototypes, and would be very useful, yet ended up abandoned decades ago for no apparent reason. I expect other fields are probably similar. One of my goals in life is to reduce this gap between what's known and what's actually used. Mainly in software development, because that's what I'm most familiar with.

So this website is primarily about hosting and talking about programming projects. But also expect electronics, civics, foreign languages, food, videogames... basically anything catching my interest about which I can say something data driven or otherwise interesting.

Details of where I grew up and whatnot are unimportant, but it is worth noting that in the first half of 2021 I moved my place of residence from NSW, Australia to the South Island of New Zealand due to extreme corruption and abuses of power going on in the Australian Federal Government. This caused this website to go offline for a few months since it was being hosted on a home server at the time, but it has since been moved to a VPS so that's all fixed now.


In 2012 I almost completed an extra honours year in computer science, before finding out that I'm really not cut out for research. My mindset is too focused on solving practical problems and my talent for prose is comparatively not so great.


IRC: jedb on

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