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The Ada binding for FLTK has now been moved to its own repository. Installing it is required to build and use Adapad, naturally. Both repositories are set up to use the GNAT Project Manager build tools to handle all that, with any further specific details in each project's readme.


I have a soft spot for the Ada programming language. Strong typing, built in concurrency, readable syntax, systems support, real-time support, a general culture of correctness and emphasising reliability... what's not to like? I also have a bit of an interest in FLTK, being one of the more prominent tiny graphics toolkits around. Adapad is a notepad clone born as a side project from efforts to create an Ada binding for FLTK.

A screenshot of Adapad
Adapad in action

It was modeled after Leafpad, and the feature list is similar, currently comprising:

This is approximately what I was going for. However, at the current time of writing it is still considered to be at v0.8 due to a few minor issues, such as the horizontal scrollbar appearing even when only vertical scroll is possible. That may be an FLTK issue, but that's not an excuse from an end user perspective.

The FLTK/Ada binding currently occupies the same repository as Adapad, but will be moved to its own as work progresses.