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2021-01-13Lexer now is sure to slide input arrays to start with 1Jed Barber
2021-01-13Stamp/Ignore now Stamp/Discard/IgnoreJed Barber
2021-01-12Memoize and curtailment for left recursion should be correct nowJed Barber
2020-12-17Indirect left recursion should now work properlyJed Barber
2020-12-14License addedJed Barber
2020-12-10Bugfixes and extra parser combinatorsJed Barber
2020-12-05Moved Finished_Tokens and related types to Tokens packageJed Barber
2020-12-04Scan/Parse functions are now packages, tests broken with linker errorsJed Barber
2020-12-04Added redirects for self-referential combinatorsJed Barber
2020-12-03Parser constraint error bugs fixedJed Barber
2020-12-03Made parse functions distinct from stamp/ignore functionsJed Barber
2020-12-03Removed component/combinator distinction in parsersJed Barber
2020-12-03Main parse functions implementedJed Barber
2020-12-02Parser Stamp and Ignore combinatorsJed Barber
2020-12-01Curtailing parser combinators implementedJed Barber
2020-11-29Non-curtailing parser combinators implementedJed Barber
2020-11-28Skeleton of Packrat.ParsersJed Barber