adawaylandAda binding for the Wayland Protocol libraryJed Barber5 months
fltkadaAda binding for FLTK 1.3Jed Barber2 days
adapadNotepad clone written in Ada using FLTKJed Barber8 days
esotericA few interpreters for esoteric languagesJed Barber17 months
hunt-the-wumpusText based Hunt The Wumpus written in PrologJed Barber9 months
opentheory-transformOpentheory proof trace optimizerJed Barber9 months
simple-algorithmsCode fragments, mostly sorts and sievesJed Barber10 months
sokobanBasic clone of Sokoban using FLTKJed Barber8 days
stv-countSTV counter for Australian Senate elections 2016 or laterJed Barber7 months
miniadaBeginnings of a specification for a small Ada interpreter and compilerJed Barber7 months
personal-websiteFiles used to generate with ComplexityJed Barber2 days
sunsetSunset software licenseJed Barber9 months
ternary-logicTernary logic gate schematicsJed Barber10 months