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masterFixed access discriminant problem in editor windowJedidiah Barber7 months
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2023-12-24Fixed access discriminant problem in editor windowHEADmasterJedidiah Barber
2018-05-15Updated to bring into line with FLTK bindingJed Barber
2018-03-13Updated to work with non-inherited constructors in FLTK bindingJed Barber
2017-08-03Updated to use rearranged position of Font_Size typeJed Barber
2017-07-31Made logo code more conciseJed Barber
2017-07-28Fixed typoJed Barber
2017-07-28Code style change for with/use clausesJed Barber
2017-07-28Logo file now better integratedJed Barber
2017-06-29Finally added a licenseJed Barber
2017-06-03Updated to match latest FLTK bindingJed Barber