AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-05-15Updated to bring into line with FLTK bindingHEADmasterJed Barber
2018-03-13Updated to work with non-inherited constructors in FLTK bindingJed Barber
2017-08-03Updated to use rearranged position of Font_Size typeJed Barber
2017-07-31Made logo code more conciseJed Barber
2017-07-28Fixed typoJed Barber
2017-07-28Code style change for with/use clausesJed Barber
2017-07-28Logo file now better integratedJed Barber
2017-06-29Finally added a licenseJed Barber
2017-06-03Updated to match latest FLTK bindingJed Barber
2017-05-24Slight code formatting cleanup, updated to-doJed Barber
2017-05-24Cleaned up Change_Vector codeJed Barber
2017-05-23Fixed Hide procedure so it properly ensures the Jump To window is hiddenJed Barber
2017-05-22Removed Ada.Text_IO withJed Barber
2017-05-22Updated to work with updated FLTK Ada bindingJed Barber
2017-05-07Updated documentationJed Barber
2017-04-28Moved fltk binding to separate repoJed Barber
2017-04-02Fixed Load/Save/Undo/Redo Changed bugJed Barber
2017-01-02Bumped version number to 0.8Jed Barber
2016-11-18Undo/Redo now unlimited, very rough Change_Vectors package created to accommo...Jed Barber
2016-11-18Moved Shortcut_Key type to FLTK.Enums, added function to remove key bindings ...Jed Barber
2016-11-18Added text buffer callback enable/disable, text range retrieval functionsJed Barber
2016-11-14Improved jump to featureJed Barber
2016-11-14Added FLTK integer inputsJed Barber
2016-11-14Improved replaceJed Barber
2016-11-14Edit and search menu items now grey themselves out when appropriateJed Barber
2016-11-14That should fix the rightclick menu resizing issueJed Barber
2016-11-14Added Menu_Buttons to FLTK binding, added rightclick menu to EditorJed Barber
2016-11-13Made logo colours lighterJed Barber
2016-11-13Added find next and find previousJed Barber
2016-11-13Added optional line numbersJed Barber
2016-11-13Fixed bug in word countJed Barber
2016-11-13Added jump to featureJed Barber
2016-11-13Added word wrap featureJed Barber
2016-11-12Added basic word count featureJed Barber
2016-11-11Removed some superfluous with clausesJed Barber
2016-11-11Simplified widget callbacksJed Barber
2016-11-11Simplified text_buffer callbacksJed Barber
2016-11-10Simplified find/replace window callbacksJed Barber
2016-11-10Removed some package renamesJed Barber
2016-11-10Renamed popups to dialogsJed Barber
2016-11-10Adapad logic now in its own package as singleton, removing the need for unche...Jed Barber
2016-11-10Removed callback_test.adbJed Barber
2016-11-09Moved code for each window into its own packageJed Barber
2016-11-09Removed superfluous use clauses, styling now more standardisedJed Barber
2016-11-08Fixed a few errors turned up by latest GNATJed Barber
2016-10-05To-do listJed Barber
2016-10-05Added logo, made find/replace/about windows attention grabbingJed Barber
2016-10-04Basic replace functionality addedJed Barber
2016-10-04Basic find functionality workingJed Barber
2016-10-04Find/Replace marshalling back to Adapad Main done, some Group/Widget_Cursor s...Jed Barber