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masterChanged to Unlicense licenseJed Barber3 years
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2021-02-14Changed to Unlicense licenseHEADmasterJed Barber
2015-03-18Ensuring Ada intermediate files get cleaned upJed Barber
2015-03-14.ali files from GNAT now ignoredJed Barber
2015-03-14Brainfuck interpreter in AdaJed Barber
2015-03-13Brainfuck hello world program added for testingJed Barber
2014-12-28Oh my god it's fizzbuzz written in GraspJed Barber
2014-12-27tails function examples for Thue, GraspJed Barber
2014-12-27toInt improvedJed Barber
2014-12-21Added an actual list of available interpreters to make things more clearJed Barber
2014-12-19Called functions no longer transfer name edges so garbage collection works pr...Jed Barber