AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-02-14Changed to Unlicense licenseHEADmasterJed Barber
2015-03-18Ensuring Ada intermediate files get cleaned upJed Barber
2015-03-14.ali files from GNAT now ignoredJed Barber
2015-03-14Brainfuck interpreter in AdaJed Barber
2015-03-13Brainfuck hello world program added for testingJed Barber
2014-12-28Oh my god it's fizzbuzz written in GraspJed Barber
2014-12-27tails function examples for Thue, GraspJed Barber
2014-12-27toInt improvedJed Barber
2014-12-21Added an actual list of available interpreters to make things more clearJed Barber
2014-12-19Called functions no longer transfer name edges so garbage collection works pr...Jed Barber
2014-12-19Added grasp interpreter information to readmeJed Barber
2014-12-19Slightly more advanced grasp test programsJed Barber
2014-12-19cond edges now work (how did I overlook that?)Jed Barber
2014-12-19Bugfix for graph garbage collectionJed Barber
2014-12-19Bugfix for divJed Barber
2014-12-19Bugfixes for match, &Jed Barber
2014-12-18getc line buffering bug fixedJed Barber
2014-12-18nextIP will now filter out all empty IPsJed Barber
2014-12-18IPs changed to be lists of Nodes instead of GNodesJed Barber
2014-12-17Bugfix for nodesOut, edgesOut, edgesInJed Barber
2014-12-17Grasp command line program now has a testing/debug modeJed Barber
2014-12-17Test Grasp programs for general purpose, arithmetic, simple IOJed Barber
2014-12-17Grasp parser now more forgiving about whitespaceJed Barber
2014-12-16Bugfixes to monad construction checksJed Barber
2014-12-16Grasp interpreter main program added, still untestedJed Barber
2014-12-16Old interpreter code removedJed Barber
2014-12-16gets and puts instructions addedJed Barber
2014-12-08Stack instructions addedJed Barber
2014-12-07call and ret instructions addedJed Barber
2014-12-07del instruction addedJed Barber
2014-12-07getc and putc instructions addedJed Barber
2014-12-07Arithmetic instructions addedJed Barber
2014-12-06set and del instructions addedJed Barber
2014-12-06Organising code, removed superfluous GraspProgram data structureJed Barber
2014-12-06Added garbage collectionJed Barber
2014-12-06Skeleton code for interpreter addedJed Barber
2014-12-06Moving old code out of the way; to be deleted after rewriteJed Barber
2014-12-06All newtype stubs now in their own files in their own subdirJed Barber
2014-12-05GNode and GEdge types now have their own files... again...Jed Barber
2014-12-05Functions to manipulate instruction pointers added to monadJed Barber
2014-12-02Function to replace the GNode on top of the IP stackJed Barber
2014-11-30IP functions now more tolerant of error conditionsJed Barber
2014-11-29Graph implementation should now be complete enoughJed Barber
2014-11-25Monad to keep track of the state of a grasp programJed Barber
2014-11-25How the hell did I forget to export the accessor functions?Jed Barber
2014-11-24Constructors for types now exportedJed Barber
2014-11-24Now just returns a list each of GNodes and GEdgesJed Barber
2014-11-24Updated to make proper use of newtypesJed Barber
2014-11-24Bugfixes of calculating AdjJed Barber
2014-11-21Incorporated Grasp.Edge and Grasp.Node into the one Grasp.Graph module, loose...Jed Barber