AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-11-20Factored out graph node/edge and instruction pointer typesJed Barber
2014-11-20Moved compile time error checking elsewhereJed Barber
2014-09-01Ret instruction addedJed Barber
2014-09-01Call instruction addedJed Barber
2014-08-31Removed arbitrary file handling from getc/putc until more monads are in placeJed Barber
2014-08-31Changed order of arguments to reLabelJed Barber
2014-08-31Corrected spacing errorJed Barber
2014-08-31Added comment about refactoring laterJed Barber
2014-08-31Added pop instructionJed Barber
2014-08-31Pick instruction completeJed Barber
2014-08-30Partial pop/pick instructions codedJed Barber
2014-08-30Cleaned up code for push instructionsJed Barber
2014-08-30Implicit push instruction addedJed Barber
2014-08-30Added push instructionJed Barber
2014-07-24Fixed cond handlingJed Barber
2014-07-24getc now returns -1 on EOFJed Barber
2014-07-24Ensured putc instruction will properly close file handlesJed Barber
2014-07-24Added cond edge supportJed Barber
2014-07-23mod, putc instructions more specific about requiring integer inputsJed Barber
2014-07-23Fixed list item selection bugJed Barber
2014-07-23putc instruction added, needs debuggingJed Barber
2014-07-23getc instruction addedJed Barber
2014-07-23mod instruction addedJed Barber
2014-05-17sub, div instructions completeJed Barber
2014-05-17mul instruction completeJed Barber
2014-05-17add instruction completeJed Barber
2014-05-17del instruction completeJed Barber
2014-05-16new instruction completeJed Barber
2014-05-16set instruction completeJed Barber
2014-05-15Placeholders and auxilliary functionsJed Barber
2014-05-15Finally down to starting the individual instruction functionsJed Barber
2014-05-14Function to calculate reachable nodes completeJed Barber
2014-05-13Improved details of garbage collection functionJed Barber
2014-05-12Garbage collection functionJed Barber
2014-05-11Function to find all named nodes in a grasp programJed Barber
2014-05-10Allowed parser to handle blank lines in amongst the rule listingsJed Barber
2014-05-09Updated readme for thue interpreter switchesJed Barber
2014-05-07Exposed rule application order and version 2a parsing at command lineJed Barber
2014-05-05Skeleton of interpreter addedJed Barber
2014-05-05Removed superfluous Unlambda.Parser importJed Barber
2014-05-05Improved parser complete, untestedJed Barber
2014-05-04Improved parser almost complete, needs whitespace handlingJed Barber
2014-05-04Near completion of improved DOT language based grasp parserJed Barber
2014-05-04Started writing more complete DOT language parserJed Barber
2014-05-04Can now look up nodes in a graph that have a specific nameJed Barber
2014-05-04Will now detect if a node is declared twice or if an edge is left unconnectedJed Barber
2014-05-03Parser now parses nodes with arbitrary names (prev commit could just construc...Jed Barber
2014-05-03Parser now handles nodes with arbitrary names instead of just numbersJed Barber
2014-05-02Separated GraspProgram type and associated functions into own moduleJed Barber
2014-05-02Grasp program isomorphic comparison half doneJed Barber