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masterFixed Color range and provided more example constantsJedidiah Barber9 months
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2021-11-08Fixed Color range and provided more example constantsHEADmasterJedidiah Barber
2021-11-08Fixed widget constructor label copy bugJedidiah Barber
2021-10-24Added pragma to ensure proper initialization of SurfacesJedidiah Barber
2018-05-21Added linking pragma to ensure proper linking to FLTKJed Barber
2018-05-18Updated documentationJed Barber
2018-05-18Added Choices, Pixmaps, GIFs, XPMsJed Barber
2018-05-18Added FLTK.Widgets.Valuators.Value_OutputsJed Barber
2018-05-17Added FLTK.Widgets.Valuators.Value_InputsJed Barber
2018-05-17Added binding map indexJed Barber
2018-05-15Forgot to comment out a few thingsJed Barber