AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
10 daysEmpty extended return statements to get around weird dangling reference errorHEADmasterJedidiah Barber
2022-12-13Out parameters involved with selections now kept in boundsJedidiah Barber
2022-12-12Key binding callbacks for Text_Editor widgets updated/fixedJedidiah Barber
2022-12-10Reworked menu popup and pulldown subprograms to no longer need exceptionsJedidiah Barber
2022-12-09Menu subprograms that return Menu_Item references fixedJedidiah Barber
2022-11-30Fixed bug in Float_Input and Integer_Input Get_Value functionsJedidiah Barber
2021-11-08Fixed Color range and provided more example constantsJedidiah Barber
2021-11-08Fixed widget constructor label copy bugJedidiah Barber
2021-10-24Added pragma to ensure proper initialization of SurfacesJedidiah Barber
2018-05-21Added linking pragma to ensure proper linking to FLTKJed Barber
2018-05-18Updated documentationJed Barber
2018-05-18Added Choices, Pixmaps, GIFs, XPMsJed Barber
2018-05-18Added FLTK.Widgets.Valuators.Value_OutputsJed Barber
2018-05-17Added FLTK.Widgets.Valuators.Value_InputsJed Barber
2018-05-17Added binding map indexJed Barber
2018-05-15Forgot to comment out a few thingsJed Barber
2018-05-15Fixed errors with Event Dispatch and null string pointersJed Barber
2018-05-15Finished and polished FLTK.Widgets.Menus, fixed some off-by-one errors in GroupsJed Barber
2018-05-13Finished and polished FLTK.Widgets.Groups, fixed inlining linking issueJed Barber
2018-05-12Completed and polished FLTK.WidgetsJed Barber
2018-05-09Text_Editor key bindings hopefully fixed, yet more polishingJed Barber
2018-05-06Finished and polished FLTK, FLTK.Event, FLTK.Screen, FLTK.StaticJed Barber
2018-05-04Finished and polished FLTK.Menu_ItemsJed Barber
2018-05-01Completed and polished FLTK.Text_BuffersJed Barber
2018-04-30Text_Displays finished, more things polishedJed Barber
2018-04-29FLTK.Event done, a whole bunch more polishingJed Barber
2018-04-21More polishing, fixing of minor overlooked things, etcJed Barber
2018-04-20Polishing some ValuatorsJed Barber
2018-04-19Completed and polished Window widgets, and fixed some associated odditiesJed Barber
2018-04-17More polishingJed Barber
2018-04-15Started process of polishing packagesJed Barber
2018-03-28Added FLTK.Images.Shared and completed FLTK.Devices.Surfaces.ImageJed Barber
2018-03-28Added FLTK.Environment (aka Fl_Preferences)Jed Barber
2018-03-27Added FLTK.TooltipsJed Barber
2018-03-27Added FLTK.Devices.Surfaces.ImageJed Barber
2018-03-27Added FLTK.Devices.Surfaces.CopyJed Barber
2018-03-26Added FLTK.Devices.Surfaces.Paged.PrintersJed Barber
2018-03-25Added FLTK.Devices.Surfaces.PagedJed Barber
2018-03-24Added FLTK.Devices.SurfacesJed Barber
2018-03-23Added FLTK.Devices.GraphicsJed Barber
2018-03-23Completed Input widgets, Dialog routinesJed Barber
2018-03-20Progress updated, Buttons and Menu_Buttons finishedJed Barber
2018-03-20Moved several Widgets from the Partially list to the Done listJed Barber
2018-03-19Added FLTK.Widgets.Groups.PackedJed Barber
2018-03-19Added FLTK.Widgets.Groups.TiledJed Barber
2018-03-19Added FLTK.Widgets.ChartsJed Barber
2018-03-19Added FLTK.Widgets.Groups.Color_ChoosersJed Barber
2018-03-17Added FLTK.Widgets.Groups.Input_ChoicesJed Barber
2018-03-17Added FLTK.Widgets.Groups.SpinnersJed Barber
2018-03-16Added FLTK.Widgets.Valuators.Sliders.Value.HorizontalJed Barber