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masterSlight readme update for GUI versionJedidiah Barber6 months
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2021-11-09Slight readme update for GUI versionHEADmasterJedidiah Barber
2021-11-09Refactored packagesJedidiah Barber
2021-11-09GUI addedJedidiah Barber
2021-11-08Removed extraneous SQLite3 with clauseJedidiah Barber
2021-11-07Readme addedJedidiah Barber
2021-11-07Improved license notices and credit fileJedidiah Barber
2021-11-07Temporary ZipAda gpr fileJedidiah Barber
2021-11-07Improved error message handlingJedidiah Barber
2021-11-07Image transferral now worksJedidiah Barber
2021-11-06Factored out deck datatypes into their own packageJedidiah Barber