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+ <title>Licensing Information - Packrat Docs</title>
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+ <h2>Licensing Information</h2>
+ <a href="index.html">Return to Contents</a>
+ <p>The Packrat parser combinator library is licensed under the Sunset License v1.0.<br>
+ The full text of this license is as follows:</p>
+ <pre>
+Version 1.0, June 2017
+1. You may copy, modify, use, sell, or distribute this work, verbatim or
+modified, for any purpose.
+2. If you sell or distribute this work, whether verbatim or modified, you must
+include a copy of this license, and you must make the source code available for
+no extra charge.
+3. A modified version of this work must be clearly labeled as such.
+4. Derivative works must also be licensed under this license or a license of
+equivalent terms. As an exception, linking this work with another, whether
+statically or dynamically, does not impose any license requirements on the
+other work.
+5. If a minimum of 15 years have passed since the date of first publishing for
+a part of this work, then that part is placed into the public domain and you
+may do whatever you want with it, regardless of all other clauses.
+ </pre>
+ <p>This text can also be found in license.txt in the main directory of this repo.</p>
+ </body>