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+ <title>Limitations - Packrat Docs</title>
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+ <h2>Limitations</h2>
+ <a href="index.html">Return to Contents</a>
+ <h4>Recognisers</h4>
+ <p>While this package can be used to construct recognisers easily, this would likely
+ not be very efficient compared to a library more specialised for that purpose.</p>
+ <h4>Cyclic Grammars</h4>
+ <p>Grammars that have cycles in them will be treated as any other form of left recursion
+ and eventually be curtailed. This means that the resulting parse graph will not have
+ any cycles. If you want a cyclic grammar to result in a cyclic result, then this library
+ is not what you are after.</p>
+ <h4>Generics</h4>
+ <p>This library makes very heavy use of generics. If your Ada compiler has any issues
+ handling generics then you may experience suboptimal performance.</p>
+ <h4>Parse Graph Data Structure</h4>
+ <p>In order to keep the parse graph to polynomial space complexity, it is a specialised
+ data structure and is not the same thing as a more standard directed graph.</p>
+ <h4>Piecewise Parsing</h4>
+ <p>Due to the possibility of incomplete parses, in the worst case using piecewise parsing
+ can result in the lexer or parser holding the entire input in memory before returning a
+ result.</p>
+ <h4>Error Recovery</h4>
+ <p>While error messages can be informative, there is currently no consideration given to
+ being able to recover from an error and continue parsing.</p>
+ </body>