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masterAdded licenseJed Barber15 months
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2021-02-14Added licenseHEADmasterJed Barber
2020-04-16Basic outline of Nim CountTables in AdaJed Barber
2020-03-02Ada port of Java StringTokenizer class addedJed Barber
2015-10-29Sieve of AtkinJed Barber
2015-10-28Sieve of EratosthenesJed Barber
2015-10-25Factored out common scheme code into modulesJed Barber
2015-10-22Cleaning up source a bitJed Barber
2015-10-21Sieve of SundaramJed Barber
2015-10-19Euler prime number sieveJed Barber
2015-10-18Added shell, stooge, pancake sortsJed Barber