AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-11-04Removed use of obsolescent ASCII and replaced with Ada.Characters.Latin_1HEADmasterJed Barber
2017-07-07Non-specialised tiebreaker handling added, but not testedJed Barber
2017-07-07Ensured that Exclude_Candidates won't exclude so many that the remaining vaca...Jed Barber
2017-07-07Experimental multithreaded version of Read_Bundles addedJed Barber
2017-07-05Removed extraneous Candidate_Range type in Bundles.ContainersJed Barber
2017-07-05Simplified Bundle_Containers to use an array instead of a MapJed Barber
2017-07-05Changed Candidate_Map to Candidate_VectorJed Barber
2017-07-03String output of Time/Durations now neaterJed Barber
2017-07-03Changed build from makefile to gpr fileJed Barber
2017-07-03Changed license to Unlicense, improved with/use code styleJed Barber
2017-07-03Fixed Rationals Rounding functionJed Barber
2017-07-02Removed MIT licensed Mathpaqs packages in favour of bindings to GMPJed Barber
2017-06-28Improved adherence with MIT licensing requirements for Multi_Precision_Intege...Jed Barber
2017-05-12Updated notes slightlyJed Barber
2017-05-12Refactored Transfer_Votes functionJed Barber
2017-05-07Added provisional GNAT project fileJed Barber
2017-02-18Notes now with glorious capitalisation/punctuationJed Barber
2017-02-18Slightly improved comments, code formattingJed Barber
2017-02-18Commented the Candidates packages betterJed Barber
2017-02-18Removed Add procedure from Bundles, cleaned up code slightlyJed Barber
2017-02-18Refactored long functions and commented election.adb and election.adsJed Barber
2017-02-17Added CC0 notice to applicable source filesJed Barber
2017-02-13Fixed 'support for bignum support' derp in readmeJed Barber
2017-02-13Swapped out crypto package for something smaller, revised other code and read...Jed Barber
2017-02-13Fixed candidate ballot group ordering bugJed Barber
2017-02-13Preference dedupe removed, bignum library obtained from internet (will be rep...Jed Barber
2017-02-13Removed all Haskell and other old code, updated readme/notesJed Barber
2017-02-13Fixed paper transfer and exhausted paper trackingJed Barber
2017-02-12Election counting now works, logging improved from Haskell version, still nee...Jed Barber
2017-02-10Preference data reads into Bundles properly, with packed memory and a few fix...Jed Barber
2017-02-08Bundles mostly done, still need to adapt Preferences and Candidates packagesJed Barber
2017-02-07Fixed Round and Value bugs in RationalsJed Barber
2017-02-07Started to sketch out Bundles packageJed Barber
2017-02-07Rationals package addedJed Barber
2017-02-06More or less completed main procedure, fixed some bugsJed Barber
2017-02-06Most of the Main procedure done, a Simple Time package addedJed Barber
2017-02-05Candidates package doneJed Barber
2017-02-05CSV package done, sketched out Candidates packageJed Barber
2017-02-04Slight notes updateJed Barber
2017-02-01Fixed candidate ordering bug for groups AA and beyondJed Barber
2017-02-01Minor tweak of bulk exclusion loggingJed Barber
2017-01-31Improved CSV unparsing and more checks on doCount inputJed Barber
2017-01-31Improvement to readme regarding --state optionJed Barber
2017-01-31Improved logging/verbosity noting start/finish times and bulk exclusionsJed Barber
2017-01-30Now licensed under CC0Jed Barber
2017-01-30Slight documentation updateJed Barber
2017-01-30Fixed off-by-2 bug with constructing SenateCounter objectJed Barber
2017-01-30checkNoQuota should mark order of election properly nowJed Barber
2017-01-30Fixed main log for no-quota elected candidates, cleaned up code a bitJed Barber
2017-01-29Bulk exclusions implemented using applied breakpointsJed Barber