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Updated rationale with further reasoning and logo licensing
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@@ -27,13 +27,17 @@ that a work remains under copyright protections.
If done right the result should be that anyone wanting to use parts of a work
under the rules of public domain will either have to use code many years out of
date, or the work itself has stagnated to the point where nobody cares anyway.
+But the time that it takes for those parts of a work to be allowed under the
+rules of public domain will remain reasonable, relatively short, and finite.
Combining this idea with minimalistic copyleft clauses should fill another
hole in available licenses, as all current ones are exceedingly verbose.
The copyleft clauses have to be weak however, as otherwise works using this
-license would not be able to link against BSD/MIT licensed works, which would
-be less than ideal.
+license would not be able to link against LGPL/BSD/MIT licensed works, which
+would be less than ideal. Both static and dynamic linking have to be allowed
+as otherwise there would be too many language specific details required in the
@@ -61,13 +65,21 @@ license allows usage of the work for any purpose without restriction.
The license is not an EULA. Acceptance is not required to make use of the
licensed work.
+No position is taken on the issues of tivoisation or software as a service, and
+hence, neither issue will be mentioned.
License License
You may copy, distribute and use this rationale and accompanying license
-document verbatim for any purpose. Changing them is allowed so long as the
-license name is changed.
+document modified or verbatim for any purpose. If modified, the license name
+must be changed.
+You may copy, distribute and use the verbatim logo for any purpose associated
+with the verbatim license or rationale. Be aware that the logo may not meet the
+threshold of originality in some jurisdictions, but it is your responsibility
+to check that.