AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-05-27Removed Follow, Path; Added LNode, LEdge, Node_Path, Edge_Path, Contains func...HEADmasterJed Barber
2020-05-23Added Iterate_By function for custom iterationJed Barber
2020-05-22Contains functions now allows Extended_Node_ID_Type inputJed Barber
2020-05-21Tests complete, minor bugs fixedJed Barber
2020-05-20Initial unit testsJed Barber
2020-05-05Edges now have unique identifiersJed Barber
2020-05-02Improved API to allow better manipulation using only CursorsJed Barber
2020-04-30Helpers warning suppressed, Tamper checks revisedJed Barber
2020-04-30Added licenseJed Barber
2020-04-30Node Swap now allows labels to follow the nodes they're attached toJed Barber
2020-04-30Preelaborate and related PragmasJed Barber
2020-04-29Removed Key_Vector helper function, moved Node_Array type inside packageJed Barber
2020-04-29More fine refactoringJed Barber
2020-04-29Rough refactor of Cursors and IteratorsJed Barber
2020-04-28Switched over to Ordered_MapsJed Barber
2020-04-28Inline pragmas addedJed Barber
2020-04-28Vector_To_Array function now genericJed Barber
2020-04-28Abandoned isomorphism functionJed Barber
2020-04-28All functionality done except for isomorphism?Jed Barber
2020-04-24Library skeleton now compiles, with skeleton-related warningsJed Barber
2020-04-24Skeleton of package bodyJed Barber
2020-04-24Iterator portion of specJed Barber
2020-04-23Private portion of spec done except for Iterators and PragmasJed Barber
2020-04-23API more or less completeJed Barber
2020-04-23Types in package spec skeletonJed Barber
2020-04-22Gitignores for housekeeping subdirsJed Barber
2020-04-22Initial design notesJed Barber