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2015-03-18Ensuring Ada intermediate files get cleaned upJed Barber
2014-12-16Grasp interpreter main program added, still untestedJed Barber
2014-04-10Rearranging filesJed Barber
2014-03-26Brainfuck interpreter frontendJed Barber
2014-03-18Refactored testcases into separate modules for each languageJed Barber
2014-03-16Basic tests for Unlambda parserJed Barber
2014-03-14Added wrapper command line program for unlambda interpreterJed Barber
2014-02-21Revised programming styleJed Barber
2014-02-18Added basic command line programs to invoke Fractran and Thue interpretersJed Barber
2014-02-11Added distclean optionJed Barber
2014-02-09Added makefileJed Barber