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masterChanged to Unlicense licenseJed Barber2 years
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2021-02-14Changed to Unlicense licenseHEADmasterJed Barber
2016-12-15Old uncommitted changesJed Barber
2014-04-13Merge branch 'master' of Barber
2014-04-13Fixed casingJed Barber
2014-04-08Delete delete.mejedb
2014-04-08Reorganising source codeJed Barber
2014-03-20Essentially public domainJed Barber
2014-03-12Removed some superfluous lambdas in intermediate functionsJed Barber
2014-03-06Getting remote and local repos sync'dJed Barber
2012-10-07Added function to add many graphparts at onceJed Barber