AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-02-14Changed to Unlicense licenseHEADmasterJed Barber
2016-12-15Old uncommitted changesJed Barber
2014-04-13Merge branch 'master' of Barber
2014-04-13Fixed casingJed Barber
2014-04-08Delete delete.mejedb
2014-04-08Reorganising source codeJed Barber
2014-03-20Essentially public domainJed Barber
2014-03-12Removed some superfluous lambdas in intermediate functionsJed Barber
2014-03-06Getting remote and local repos sync'dJed Barber
2012-10-07Added function to add many graphparts at onceJed Barber
2012-10-07Dictionary methods cleaned up, Cost model library addedJed Barber
2012-10-04Substitute test updatedJed Barber
2012-10-04Alpha equivalence typing fixedJed Barber
2012-09-28Types only tracked in alpha equivalence for bound variablesJed Barber
2012-09-28Now shows what the differences between article files areJed Barber
2012-09-28Exposed function to convert machineStates to stringsJed Barber
2012-09-28Added function to compute the difference of two stacksJed Barber
2012-09-28Type alpha equivalence in limboJed Barber
2012-09-27Utility to compare two article files to see if they produce the same resultsJed Barber
2012-09-27Stack datatype now deriving EqJed Barber
2012-09-27Placeholder file to ensure git records the /bin directoryJed Barber
2012-09-27The rest of the article files for testing specific commandsJed Barber
2012-09-26Fixed minor alpha conversion argument ordering bugJed Barber
2012-09-24Compiles properlyJed Barber
2012-09-24Allowed output of a graphpart to be used by multiple nodesJed Barber
2012-09-22Added standard AbsTerm and AppTerm datatypesJed Barber
2012-09-22TermNet working properlyJed Barber
2012-09-22Added a function to check whether a given type is a type variableJed Barber
2012-09-22Moved some functions from graphpart to proofgraphJed Barber
2012-09-14Misc test filesJed Barber
2012-09-14Code complete, but buggyJed Barber
2012-09-14Test article files for specific commandsJed Barber
2012-09-14Testing packageJed Barber
2012-09-13Cleaner directory structure, addition of make clean, grouping of library modu...Jed Barber
2012-08-23Not quite finished work on instantiation optimisationJed Barber
2012-08-23Simplified to construct graph fully and check for duplicate nodes afterwardsJed Barber
2012-08-23Encapsulates a partial graph with at most one each input/outputJed Barber
2012-08-23Functions to convert internal datatypes to (unoptimised) proof trace snippets...Jed Barber
2012-08-09Fixed getArgs error when compiling with GHC 7+Jed Barber
2012-08-09Concat explanation addedJed Barber
2012-08-09Instructions on how to use the programsJed Barber
2012-08-09Compilation now automatedJed Barber
2012-08-09Theorems now displayed properly instead of as maybe valuesJed Barber
2012-08-02Moved fst3, snd3, thd3 functions to Parse.hsJed Barber
2012-08-02Converted to moduleJed Barber
2012-08-02Generates a numbered list of theorems in an article fileJed Barber
2012-08-02Removes theorems from article, specified by numberJed Barber
2012-08-02Allows concatenation of article filesJed Barber
2012-08-02Moved proof trace output formatting function to Parse.hsJed Barber
2012-08-02Bugfixes for multiCommandsSimpleJed Barber