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2017-08-17Tightened up spacing/formattingHEADmasterJed Barber
2017-06-29Finally version 1.0Jed Barber
2017-06-28Slight wording changes, increased sunset clause to 15 years, added more ↵Jed Barber
notes in rationale on length and warranties
2017-06-28Updated rationale with further reasoning and logo licensingJed Barber
2017-06-28Added logoJed Barber
2017-06-27Revised clause 4 to allow static linkingJed Barber
2017-06-27Fixed line length to fit in 80colJed Barber
2017-06-26Revised clause 1 to remove ambiguity for distributing modified worksJed Barber
2017-06-26Revision of clauses 2 and 5Jed Barber
2017-06-26First draftJed Barber