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2016-12-15Old uncommitted changesHEADmasterJed Barber
2014-04-23Remaining ternary gate symbols addedJed Barber
2014-04-23Added all remaining monadic gate symbols except clampsJed Barber
2014-04-22Added pins to STI and added symbols for NTI, PTIJed Barber
2014-04-22Added inverter symbol to tinyCAD libraryJed Barber
2014-04-20Positive/negative threshold inverter schematicsJed Barber
2014-04-16Schematic of inverter for publishingJed Barber
2014-03-20Essentially public domainJed Barber
2014-03-02Constructed 3-input ANTIMAX, ANTIMIN gatesJed Barber
2014-03-02Updated readmeJed Barber