aaoAda binding for libaoAda, CUnlicense2 months
adawaylandBare beginnings of an Ada binding for the Wayland Protocol libraryAda, CUnlicense2 years
asndfileAda binding for libsndfileAda, CUnlicense2 months
fltkadaAda binding for FLTK 1.3Ada, C++Unlicense7 months
portadaoAda binding for PortAudioAda, CUnlicense2 months
adapadNotepad clone written using FLTKAdaSunset2 years
basic-unit-testVery simple unit testing framework for Ada programsAdaSunset2 years
complex-fixedComplex number library using fixed points instead of floatsAdaUnlicense10 months
directed-graphDirected graph library in the style of Ada ContainersAdaSunset2 years
esotericA few interpreters for esoteric languagesHaskellUnlicense2 years
fluid-simASCII fluid simulator using smoothed-particle hydrodynamicsAdaSunset10 months
fresh-deckUtility to convert between .apkg and .fmd flashcard decksAdaSunset16 months
hunt-the-wumpusText based Hunt The WumpusPrologUnlicense2 years
number-wallTools to visualise and find recurrence relations from number wallsOCamlSunset11 months
opentheory-transformOpentheory proof trace optimizerHaskellUnlicense2 years
packratParser combinators that can handle ambiguous left-recursive grammarsAdaSunset2 years
simple-algorithmsCode fragments, mostly sorts and sievesVariousUnlicense2 years
sokobanBasic clone of Sokoban using FLTKAdaSunset2 years
stv-countSTV counter for Australian Senate elections 2016 or laterAdaUnlicense2 years
honda-tlm200rIn-progress translation of the service manual for a Honda TLM200RJapanese, English5 months
miniadaBeginnings of a specification for a small Ada interpreter and compilerHTML2 years
personal-websiteFiles used to generate with ComplexityJinja2 months
rail-mapsAbstract hypothetical maps of rail networksSVGWTFPL2 years
sunsetSunset software licenseEnglishCustom2 years
ternary-logicTernary logic gate schematicsLTspiceWTFPL2 years
cgitplusplusRegular cgit plus fields for language and licenseCGPLv22 years
fresh-memoryFresh Memory flashcard program version 1.5.0C++GPLv32 years
truecryptTruecrypt version 7.1a for UnixC++Truecrypt2 years