fltkadaAda binding for FLTK 1.3Ada, C++Unlicense6 hours
personal-websiteFiles used to generate with ComplexityJinja13 days
fluid-simASCII fluid simulator using smoothed-particle hydrodynamicsAdaSunset13 days
complex-fixedComplex number library using fixed points instead of floatsAdaUnlicense3 weeks
number-wallTools to visualise and find recurrence relations from number wallsOCamlSunset5 weeks
fresh-deckUtility to convert between .apkg and .fmd flashcard decksAdaSunset6 months
honda-tlm200rIn-progress translation of the service manual for a Honda TLM200RJapanese, English14 months
rail-mapsAbstract hypothetical maps of rail networksSVGWTFPL15 months
truecryptTruecrypt version 7.1a for UnixC++Truecrypt17 months
fresh-memoryFresh Memory flashcard program version 1.5.0C++GPLv317 months
ternary-logicTernary logic gate schematicsLTspiceWTFPL17 months
sunsetSunset software licenseEnglishCustom17 months
stv-countSTV counter for Australian Senate elections 2016 or laterAdaUnlicense17 months
sokobanBasic clone of Sokoban using FLTKAdaSunset17 months
simple-algorithmsCode fragments, mostly sorts and sievesVariousUnlicense17 months
packratParser combinators that can handle ambiguous left-recursive grammarsAdaSunset17 months
opentheory-transformOpentheory proof trace optimizerHaskellUnlicense17 months
miniadaBeginnings of a specification for a small Ada interpreter and compilerHTML17 months
hunt-the-wumpusText based Hunt The WumpusPrologUnlicense17 months
esotericA few interpreters for esoteric languagesHaskellUnlicense17 months
directed-graphDirected graph library in the style of Ada ContainersAdaSunset17 months
cgitplusplusRegular cgit plus fields for language and licenseCGPLv217 months
adawaylandAda binding for the Wayland Protocol libraryAda, CUnlicense17 months
adapadNotepad clone written using FLTKAdaSunset17 months
basic-unit-testVery simple unit testing framework for Ada programsAdaSunset17 months